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"I have have used a few of the more well known Jewish dating sites and, despite its high fee, I find JDate to be the best. Why do I feel this way? They have more users than the other guys by an order of magnitude at least"

"I gave the cheap 3 day trial membership ($2.95) a try on Jsingles and met quite a few nice girls."

Online Jewish Singles - About Us

Online Jewish Singles is a project of Jewish in the City, a network of Jewish websites created by Jewish entrepreneurs who felt that the online Jewish scene wasn't prominent enough. Online Jewish Dating focuses on the online Jewish dating scene, which is extremely well represented (perhaps over-represented?).

Over time, we aim to be a hub for the online Jewish single community - to provide resources on how you meet your Beshert online. We will give you tips on how to create your profile to make the best impression, how to take a great picture, how to initiate contact with somebody you're interested in and other skills that can help you in your goal of finding the perfect match for you. Of course, we also aim to keep up-to-date reviews all these sites and let you, the Online Jewish Dating consumer knows which ones are the best.

Ultimately, we want Online Jewish Dating to be a collaborative effort that can help people who have had success, frustration or any emotion in between with regards to Jewish dating. Please feel free to post your own reviews, comments, insights and anything else on your mind on each review page.

If you have general feedback about any of the sites that we have listed here, if we have missed any, or if you have anything else on your mind with regards to Jewish dating, please let us know!

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