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"I have have used a few of the more well known Jewish dating sites and, despite its high fee, I find JDate to be the best. Why do I feel this way? They have more users than the other guys by an order of magnitude at least"

"I gave the cheap 3 day trial membership ($2.95) a try on Jsingles and met quite a few nice girls."

JDate Review

JDate is the oldest and largest of the Jewish dating sites. JDate claims that they introduce a whopping 60 people a day, which shows how much they have contributed to the Jewish community. JDate seems to have between 5,000 and 20,000 users on at any given time, so the chances of finding somebody you like online is quite good. The JDate system was upgraded early in 2009 and now seems to be a little more functional than it was previously.

JDate's user base has allowed them to charge significantly more for their services. They do have a basic membership, which allows you to browse and "flirt" with other users, however messages cannot be exchanged, but if a paying member sends you an instant message, you can receive it and chat with them in real-time. To send a message or to initiate an instant message conversation, you must be a paying member. At the time of this writing, their basic 1-month membership is $34.99 per month, with discounts for longer memberships.

The most standard complaint about JDate's system is that if you're not a paying member, you don't have access to your mailbox, so even if a paying member messages you, you can't get the message unless you're a paying member too...and as far as we can tell, there is no way to know if a user is paying member or not. Thus, the best form of communication is instant messaging, which requires you to wait around until someone you like shows up online - we feel that this is a bit creepy, but if it ends up in a Jewish marriage, it's not all that bad!

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Dave: "service is fine except for frustrations. But be cautious about billing. For example. I signed up for All Access, a service that sends emails to the persons' email outside of jdate (some, but limited success). In Billing it only says subscription service, and no reference to All Access as the product. Also, on the monthly billing it is not even itemized or called out, just added into the total. Hard to believe they don't want you to know what you pay for, but what other explanation is there? You have to think to purposely not use the same language in billing as in selling. REALLY INAPPROPRIATE."

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