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"I have have used a few of the more well known Jewish dating sites and, despite its high fee, I find JDate to be the best. Why do I feel this way? They have more users than the other guys by an order of magnitude at least"

"I gave the cheap 3 day trial membership ($2.95) a try on Jsingles and met quite a few nice girls."

JMatch Review

JMatch is one of the more esthetically-pleasing of the Jewish dating sites. JMatch created a network and funnels a number of sites, including sites like JPost, towards one database. JMatch has an in-house matchmaking team that have years of experience, who are responsible for a large number of successful marriages (which after-all is likely your goal if you're looking at this).

JMatch prides themselves on their technical support and practical advice. They have built their site to be user friendly, and the features they include are: live audio-video chat, anonymous surfing, hot lists and last visitor display, and new tools are being added as user requirements evolve.

Besides the core dating functionality of JMatch, they provide exclusive content including news and views about dating trends, and also answer to readers questsions.

As expected with most Jewish organizations, JMatch does good for the Jewish community for free. They created a free dating service for individuals with disabiliites, called Jewish Singles With Special Needs.

For more information, visit JMatch.

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