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"I have have used a few of the more well known Jewish dating sites and, despite its high fee, I find JDate to be the best. Why do I feel this way? They have more users than the other guys by an order of magnitude at least"

"I gave the cheap 3 day trial membership ($2.95) a try on Jsingles and met quite a few nice girls."

Single Jew Review

We're not sure what to really make of They have a good name and a nice logo, but other than that, their site is a mish-mash of ads for other dating sites, random pictures and text links. With a site like that, it's a good thing that it's fre of charge.

The search mechanism on the site is pretty easy to use, but that is because there are only two search criteria (gender and location). A search for women yields over 4500 results, while a search for males yeilds 4800 results. However, scanning through the results makes me believe that perhaps not all the members are Jewish (you'll understand when you look) - not to say that all members of other Jewish dating sites are Jewish... It appears that most of the profiles do not include pictures, which is pretty much in common with other dating sites.

Details on profiles are sparse, and that's putting it nicely. They include only a city, age range, height range and weight range, eye colour, drinking and smoking habits, and friends' assessments of the members' looks. While the height and weight ranges are passable, is knowing the age range of a person useful when it spans 7 or 8 years useful?

If you're inclined to check out Single Jew, visit Single Jew.

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